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Welcome to the website.   We are always looking for your ideas for making it relevant, creating new areas of interest and providing information and articles. Your Association will handle the posting on the site. Please contact Paul Butler via


Note upcoming Annual Tree Distribution 2018 …. information and location Saturday May 26  2018

Trees being distributed …. Trees being distributed in 2017-18

June Consultation Water Management Master Plan


The  Fall Newsletter 2017

Spring 2017 Grand Lake water testing site map

Map of weed study 2015 ….   Surfaces-des-herbiers-de-ME-au-Lac-Grand-2015.pdf

Advertising on the Grand Lake website: The GLA Executive has recently modified the  website advertising policy.  Now,   members of the GL Association can advertise for free items, property  or services they wish to buy, sell, give away or trade. This includes advertising to sell/rent cottages. This modifies the current policy whereby members could advertise but at a nominal cost.   For more information, see the For Sale, For Rent, For Trade, For Free section on this website.