We need YOUR  help to fight the spread of Milfoil in Grand Lake

Eurasian Milfoil is an invasive aquatic plant native to Europe, Asia and northern Africa. Introduced to North American the 19th century, it is now one of the most widely distributed invasive aquatic plants on the continent.

Outside its native range, the plant has spread across every continent except Antarctica.

A  report prepared by the Federation des Lacs de Val-des-Monts in conjunction with the Municipality first reported Eurasian Milfoil in Grand Lake in 2014.

What is the Grand Lake Association doing to fight milfoil? The fight against Eurasian Milfoil, as with any invasive species, will be ongoing. It’s only through the cooperation of all cottagers, and the help of many volunteers that this scourge will be kept under control.

The Grand Lake Association, in partnership with federal, provincial, and local governments, is working to monitor and mitigate the impacts of Milfoil on our lake.  A new report by Stéphanie Milot of the Féderation des lacs de Val-des-Monts shows the areas of Grand Lake with the largest Milfoil infestations.  New yellow buoys will be installed in these areas in the spring of 2021

To keep the spread under control, we urge all cottagers (& visitors to our lake) to please, follow these rules:

  • When coming from another lake or river, clean your boat, kayak, canoe – any watercraft!
  • Check your motor after and during each use to ensure no Milfoil has been caught up.
  • Follow the recommended speed limits in our directory to avoid churning up the Milfoil.
  • Pick up any pieces you can & keep the area around your property as free as possible. Be vigilant!
  • Dispose of milfoil in your garbage.
  • Do not let it dry out – a dead plant can blow away, take root again, and grow. That’s why Milfoil is often called the “zombie plant”.


  • Keep away from the areas marked with the White Milfoil warning buoys and the new yellow warning buoys. No swimming, or watercraft in these areas please!
  • Refer to the milfoil on the map in your Grand Lake Directory, and on the website, and plan your boating or other recreational activities to avoid these areas.
  • Remember: disturbing the plant can break it and allow it to spread.



Most importantly, your Association is here to help us all keep the spread of Milfoil under control.  There is no magic cure, so please stay vigilant and let the executive know if you have any concerns or suggestions to help stop the spread of this invasive species in our lake.

Laurentides Brochure – very comprehensive and graphic intensive, hence a bit slow to load.      guide_myriophylle_AN

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