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Canada Day

July 1: Canada 2023 Day Boat Parade and Fireworks

There 47 boats in the Canada Day Flotilla this year which started in the north end of the lake just after noon hour. Pics coming soon.

Because of the forest fire situation in Quebec this year, and the fact that many local firefighters had been seconded to fight the blazes, the fire ban was in effect meaning there could be no fireworks this year.




Canada Day 2019

There were over 60 boats this year in the flotilla – and a special  floating BBQ  stand  courtesy of Dave Helgason – hot dogs, burgers and beer/pop.

All proceedswent to CHEO.  $573 was raised!

Again this year thanks to Mike Avon for another simply “Grand“ fireworks display!!!

TBA – Decorated Boat Winners!




















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