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Grand Lake Website Policies

GRAND LAKE ASSOCIATION WEBSITE POLICIES                                                              

LANGUAGE- The site will be bilingual to the greatest extent possible but some information may only be posted in the language in which it was originally received, including Provincial and Municipal notices. The site has a built in translation module EN/FR.

ADMINISTRATION- Website policies will be approved by the Grand Lake Association Executive but site content will be determined by the Website Committee.  Information will be posted on the site by the web master once approved by the committee but committee Members may also post material.

NATURE OF WEBSITE- The website will be mostly public with member passcodes for private areas. This will entail excluding some content from the site ( eg. Executive Committee meeting Minutes)

ADVERTISING- Members of the GL Association  can advertise for free  items, property or services they wish to buy, sell or barter. 

For non-members, the following rates apply:

Cottages/Land For Sale- $ 100.00 for 3 months

Advertising of rental of cottage  – $50.00 for the season

Other Items For Sale – $ 10.00 for 3 months

Services/ Services for Hire- $ 100.00 for one year

LINKS To OTHER SITES- Links will be indicated on the site to the Val-Des-Monts  and Federation of Lakes websites as well as other sites as deemed appropriate.

PUBLIC INPUT- All Grand Lake Residents will be invited to submit information/ideas to be included on the website but it must be approved by the Website committee before it can be posted.

FINANCIAL- At least initially no provisions will be included on the website for making payments of any kind including annual Association dues. All funds raised as a result of advertising on the site will be directed to the Grand Lake Association.

For more information about the website, contact

Advertising on the Grand Lake website: Members of the GL Association can advertise for free items, property  or services they wish to buy, sell, give away or trade. This includes advertising to sell/rent cottages.  For more information, see the For Sale, For Rent, For Trade, For Free section on this website.

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