Lost and Found




  • If you have lost or found something, please contact Nathan Cooper to report it or claim it.  Nathan can be reached at  nathanscoope@gmail.com or by phone 819 671 7732 //613 601 7732.
  • Please provide as much pertinent  information as possible, i.e. description, colour, location, etc.
  • A picture would be quite helpful.
  • Resolved items will be indicated by strike-through.

ITEMS 2023

27 May


Dock ramp. 


Contact Ed Hemphill at ed@beanaroundtown.ca, or pick up at 283 H. Vipond




24 May


Large dock at 199 Powers Rd. Contact 613 668 4288.


12 May 





Subject dock has drifted away from 79 Powers, last seen heading South.

Please advise if spotted. Thanks


We are at 79 ch Powers. An errant dock has drifted into our bay at the Narrows.
Could you please post a note. Have a nice weekend.
Thady B Murray

Note: This dock was found last year, see posting 26 April. Until recently it was tied to a tree in the large bay adjacent to the Watt Rd.  No-one came forward to claim it last year so doubt if anyone will this year. Will check with Abby to see if it may be suitable offer for the trailhead docking.





12 May 2023


Dock from 255 H. Vipond. Contact Alison Meloche at alisonmeloche@icloud.com.





25 April 




Now at Crepin Beach. Contact 

613 809 4807

Dock ramp/gangway, 5′ X 8.5′. Presently tied to Cooper dock.

Please contact Nathan at nathanscoope@gmail.com

613 601-7732


17 April

The picture shows a pontoon boat stuck today in the ice flow in Turtle Bay, just off Dale’s dock.
Submitted by Don Goodwin. Please contact Tim Frank at Tim.frank@sympatico.ca or 613 720 0882.


Items 2022

6 October


Non prescription sun glasses near 294 ch Lac Grand.

Contact Dale Smith at dale@dalegsmith.ca




14 September 


Windsurfer boom.

Contact Justin Poole, 613-853-4050



17 August


Green barrel.  It washed up a while back.  Please contact Connie at  connie.zuberbuehler@gmail.com or  text  at 613-324-7381.
203 ch. Vipond


5 August


Pelican green upper, Stand Up Paddleboard. At Frank landing. Contact Tim at 613 720-0882.


23 July


Adjustable aluminum tent pole/canopy support.

Contact: Gary Seymour,  1gary.seymour@gmail. Com  or 613 720-5205


20 July


Dock float. Contact Tom Martin at Tom.martin26266@outlook.com




17 July


Green Stand-up Paddleboard. Lost over the winter.

Contact: Ben Cheng at bencheng@rogers.com


16 July


This has floated up on my shore.
It is upside down.  I think the decking is fairly waterlogged.
Gary Seymour 


July 7


Green two seater bench, blown off the Newcombe’s dock at 320 ch du lac Grand, during the May 21 windstorm.

Contact janenewcombe08@gmail.com


3 July


An inflatable Unicorn water toy washed up at our place on Friday night. Photo attached. Can be retrieved at our beach. 337 Ch. du Barrage.




27 June


LOST:  one of our black Taylor Made Bumpers sometime between June 14 and June 24.  The bumper also has a Taylor Made Clip attached to it.  Apparently, the boat won’t run as well if the bumpers don’t match 😊 We’re at 31 Ch. Du Club (blue metal roof, blue and yellow water trampoline – south side as you head into the channel to Dam Lake)  819-671-0885.


23 June 


White Dolphin bumper. Contact Eugene Marchand,  613-850-1719 or email

Eugene. Marchand@icloud.com






15 June


Posted on behalf of Dam Lake Association.
This blue barrel appeared at the dam on Dam lake.
It may have come from Lac Grand.
Peter Teitelbaum
Jill Allen


9 June


Two grey chairs and an inflatable washed up on my shore near Priest’s Bay in early May.  Call Ann Croll at 613 447-8891 if they’re yours.



8 June

This small sailboat was upside down in our bay, at the south end of the lake on the day of the big storm.   We towed it back to our place and have asked around with no one claiming it.

Please contact :
Lynne Dicaire
74 Crouch Road



2 June



Adirondack style chairs that you can purchase at Costco were swept off my dock, apparently they float just below the surface. Also a white bladed black shaft kayak paddle joined them, a black M is marked on both tips. Also a big green plastic 55 gallon drum drifted away a few days before while I was setting up my docks.


Eugene Marchand
293 Chemin du Barrage


Three of the chairs have been located, still one missing plus the paddle and the drum.

22  June


All chairs recovered as well as paddle. Drum still missing.


25 May


My 8’ by 8’ (approx) swimming raft went missing on Grand Lake, probably in Saturday’s storm although it could have disappeared a few days earlier. I have been out in my kayak checking the immediate vicinity (we are at the south end of the lake, facing Gary Beach) but could see no sign of it. If anyone sees it, please could they ring me on 416-365-3245, or e-mail spothecary@strabo.ca.


16 May


Kayak, found floating near Newcombe dock. Presently tied to the dock. Contact Nathan at 819-671-7732,  613-601-7732 or nathanscoope@gmail.com or collect same and advise.


16 May


Swim dock on Green Lake. Contact Dorothy LaFlamme, Dorothy.laflamme@icloud.com


15 May


Dock ramp in the bay at the north end of the lake against our dock. Please retrieve if is yours. Contact sue.neill@rogers.com


13 May


A large orange-red chair was floating in the middle of Grand Lake.  We fished it out and have it at 545 Barrage.

The owner can arrange to retrieve it by e-mail, Dennis.sprott@gmail.com,  or by contacting us at 613-824-6920 or by cell 613-407-1919.

8 May


Lost an 8’x8’ old crooked floating swim dock
in the last 2-3 weeks.  My cottage is in front on
Îles des Pères.  Please contact Ben at bencheng@rogers.com

1 May


Red pail, end of our bay, close to Vipond rd.

Contact Nathan nathanscoope@gmail.com,  613 601-7732





26 April 


Dock. Found near Watt Rd. Contact Nathan, 613 601-7732//819 671-7732.



23 April 



A floating straight walkway in our bay; south end, Scrivens cottage. It is around the point from the Taucer’s and Bogie cottage.





23 January 


Pair of snow shoes, near entrance to the path through the woods,  near 283 Vipond.

Please contact Tony Frith at 613 262-7295// 819 671-0401





Items 2021: 

19 December 


A swim raft floated over to ours to say hello, I guess. I think it is ice locked for the season but wanted to let it’s people know that it was wandering. South part of the lake.

Contact John Grafe at jpgrafe@gmail.com

19 November 


Showed up on our deck tonight,   hungry but not showing any signs of starvation.

We’ve seen this cat on our road before so it’s possible it’s feral.

However  if you are missing this cat  or know of someone who is please advise. We’ll keep an eye out and feed it if it decides to stay around.


819 671-7732,  613 601-7732,  nathanscoope@gmail.com

42 Watt Rd






20 August



My name is lisa cameron and i have a cottage on MacArthur lake. My dog, Ari, ran away yesterday at 9:30am. He’s a wanderer.
He’s 10 years old and about 65 pounds. Ive attached a picture (our cottage is in the background).

Cell/Text: 343-363-5252


at dagrahovac@gmail.com We are located just north of Crepin Beach, it could have made it’s way to Dam lake.

Diane Grahovac







15 July


Dock float, drifted to shoreline at 16 Chemin Heritage

Contact Bob Plamondon,   at bob@bobplamondon.com


2 July




Found a pink & white polka dot bean bag chair on our property; likely it blew off someone’s dock. It will be at our cottage if someone is looking for it. We are in the narrows between Yorks and Franklins cottage.


Sheila Castledine
72 Chemin York


28 June


  1. We found an adolescent cat on Chemin du Parc on Friday, June 25th at about 10:30pm. The cat doesn’t have a collar nor a microchip. It was terrified and seemed underweight when we found it. If you believe this cat is yours, or have an idea of who the owners are, please contact Jack at 7138165@pawboost-mail.com.



19 June


A PFD floated up on the  shore  263 Chemin H. Vipond in the south end of the lake.  It has the initials YP on in black sharpie.


Gary Seymour

Ottawa 613-720-5205



11 June


White Sidewind Bumper in North Basin by Dale and Siobhan at approximately 1900hrs.

Can be reclaimed at Cooper dock, 42 Watt Rd.


8 june


A water ski on Sunday June 6th, 2021. I believe it was picked up by another boater because the water was super busy on this day and I looked everywhere and could not find it.  The skier dropped to one ski, we went back to pick it up and it was missing. Please post to the lost and found! 🙂

Colours: White, blue and red.

Brand: Gringo


Contact Danny Kingsbury

819 744 8793



6 June


Found a large orange buoy floating  in the main part of the lake. It can be picked up at our dock. We’re at 216 ch. du Lac Grand (The Duncans).



Emma Duncan

Contact:  emma.tripp@hotmail.com




29 May


Last seen at 66 Barrage Rd.

Waketower mirror that is about 17 inches long and 6 inches wide attached to an anodized aluminum tubing mount about 2.5 inches in diameter and 1.5 feet long with a square holed connector.  The mirror has a black plastic backing.

Contact Steve Gilberg; 613 862-4176// sgilberg@ca.inter.net


21 May


Duck decoy. Contact Dorothy at dot10@rogers.com


19 May


Small cushion in the lake. Found by Dale and Siobhan, dropped off at Coopers. Please contact Nathan at 819 671-7732 or 613 601-7732.


28 April


Lost two long float docks (one I have found thru the posting already by Rob Wright in Priest’s Bay, see 12 April entry, now marked resolved) but still missing another similar one.  Long narrow docks (16-18 feet by approx 4 feet).
Contact Gary Zed,
Zed Island (formerly Robinson Island)


19 April


Dock/ramp at Laflame property. Contact Dorothy at dot10@rogers.com.


18 April


Dock shored at Petit property. Contact Nic or Julie at 819-598-9628




12 April


Floating dock, contact Rob Wright, located at North side of Priest Bay, robwright9@gmail.com. Note: 4 good floats!!





12 April


Section of dock, 5″ X 5′ cedar panel. Contact Dan Proulx at dan@orleansboatworld.com or 613-830-7576.


14 April


Two yellow and black foam pieces floating near my dock as the ice went out. If someone has lost them, pick them up on my gazebo or call me at 16134478891.

Ann Croll







Items 2020: (In order received)

15 August


A new life jacket today on the lake.


Pink Jobe neoprene ladies life jacket, large. Lost between North and South basins, possibly in the channel.


Daniel Proulx CPA, CMA

Co-owner  / Co-propriétaire

Orléans Boat World & Sports

Tel:  613-830-7576

Note: At Daniel’s request this item has been cancelled.. If  however, this item were to be found at a future date please feel free to contact Daniel.

8 August


A kids size yellow kayak paddle yesterday in the south part of the lake.

Contact carlybassett@gmail.com


3 August


This deck platform was found under my dock. I have put it to the right of my dock when facing the lake at 35 Denzil. Contact  Francois at francoisbourdon@yahoo.com

30 July


Light red, open concept kayak, older model- probably from the 1990s . Disappeared between end of August 2019 and end of June 2020- date unknown because it wasn’t noted immediately.

Please contact  Olivia Frank at olivia.frank@sympatico.ca> or Tim Frank at 613 720-0882//819 671-2853

27 July


Green croc found in the channel. May be partner to one found off Maclaren’s point. Can be picked up at the Watt dock.




26 July


Older aluminum boat. This item was submitted today but has been at Mike’s place for some time.  Please contact Mike Avon at  mike.avon@hotmail.com


Found :

A green Croc sandal floating off Maclaren point today (Saturday afternoon July 25th. )

Contact :

Ciddy Maclaren

52 York Rd.


16 July


A yellow SUP on the dock at 11 Ch Albert
Contact Sonia Brisbois at soniabrisbois@icloud.com



14 July


Hi Nathan,

We have been notified that 2 of our docks that we usually attach to each other are missing.

We are at 231 chemin Powers.

We have not been at our cottage yet but we are planning to arrive on the 26 th of July for the rest of the Summer.

Our friends on the lake have not found it yet.

It is a pretty big structure that could be floating in 2 pieces by now.

If you could post it on the lost and found we would appreciate it.

It does not look like the green one you posted before.

They are the two last rectangle pieces on the picture.

Thank you.

Contact Nathalie Auclair at naauclair@rogers.com





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9 July


Blue and green knee board in the south part of the lake.

Contact carlybassett@gmail.com


Navy swim shirt and army print Cornell hat in the north part of the lake.

Contact carlybassett@gmail.com

7 July 


On Tue, Jul 7, 2020 at 10:57 AM Nicolas Petit <npetit78@gmail.com> wrote:
Hello Nathan, my girls found a floating paddle board this morning, here is the picture




Nic petit

23 ch Albert


27 June


Tin boat covered with tarp. Can be claimed at Dempsey dock in Priest Bay. Or contact Janice at 9jan9@telus.net


25 June


Red buoy. Please contact Dorothy Laflame at dot10@rogers.com

Update  16 July:

Peter Kearns now has the buoy and is looking for it’s home. Contact Peter Kearns at 613 724 3582

4 June


Found black mustang lifejacket. Size XS.
Text Carly Zarama

20 May


14 ft aluminum boat from dock at 143 Avon. Please contact Patricia Henderson at 819 671 7250.

19 May


Red Pelican Canoe, white interior, last Fall, in la baie de Peres area. Please contact Marie-Christine Trembley at 873 353-7841.

14 May


Dock grounded on island off Bogie property (With the cross) … Contact Dale Smith for details.


UPDATE: 15 June 2020

Dock now at Guilbault  Dock, 203 Vipond. Contact Rosaline Frith 671-0401.

UPDATE: 13 July

Have been informed that dock and ramp has been repurposed and put to good use.


13 May


Pressure- treated lumber 4″x4″ x 10′. Can be picked up at Cooper dock, 42 Watt Rd. Contact Nathan at 819 671 7732 0r 613 601 7732 or email Nathanscoope@gmail.com

2 Ma


Dock or part thereof, near Tim Franks Landing. Contact Nathan 613 601 7732; 819 671 7732.


5 May


Wooden Adirondack chair found late last summer.  Contact Eugene Marchand, 613 850 1719.

4 May


Dock Float. Contact: Nicolas Petit <npetit78@gmail.com>








Items 2019: (In order received)

2 November


Large yellow floating island/mat, it is yellow on one side and blue on the other side. We assume we lost it on October 31st. Please contact Carly Bassett <carlybassett@gmail.com>



8 September


Yellow Ocean Kayak. At Dave Helgason’s dock, 71 Portage.


13 August


We (Warren Stroud and I) found a small 3-foot long blow up airplane on the weekend. Contact Louise@cocreations.ca.


13 August


Faded red buoy with rope and cement block took off in the wind from the South Basin on August 11, 2019. If found call Ann Croll at 613 447-8891.



5 August


Between the evening of Friday August 2 and Saturday morning the following day 2 aluminium docks/ramps attached in a “T “ shape floated away from my beach, adjoining Don Poole’s property. One is 16 feet x3 feet with a blue fabric top, the other is 12 feet x 3 feet with a beige vinyl top. Both have 2 black ABS floats at either end. Please contact:

Eugène Marchand
293 Chemin du Barrage
Tel: 819-671-3500
Cell: 613-850-1719


The Marchand wish to thank the kind neighbour who attached their docks to a tree to keep them secure.


July 14


My son lost his life jacket on the lake today.
Hopefully someone will send it in.
Rob Talvitie 613-261-0665


Update: Rob wishes to thank whoever returned the life jacket while they were away.

July 8

Found – One black, 4x3x2 floatation section for a floating dock.

Found – one large white bumper.

Contact: Don Poole 819 671-1034




July 1


Black Multinautic dock float model R-750, it measures about 2’x4’.
We are located just north of Crepin beach Thanks, Stephen and Diane Grahovac.

Contact: dagrahovac@gmail.com



June 27


Canvas Cover for Bow of Boat. Lost last weekend. Contact Doug McLarty, cell 613-769-4623.


June 9, 2019

Found (Seen floating around) :

Seen on June 9 near Gary Beach’s dock in south end of lake. Since spotted at various locations on southeast side , most recently near Terry Ford’s place, on June 24th .

Owner please contact Janice Dempsey , 9jan9@telus.net, who last spotted it, or Nathan Cooper, 613 601-7732//819 671-7732; Nathanscoope@gmail.com.

Update: Saturday, 29 June

Dock has ben spotted at the South end of the lake and most recently this AM in the North basin in the bay at Watt Rd (between 42 – 20 Watt Rd) , where it will be tied to shore until someone claims it.


UPDATE, 13 August:

If unclaimed in one week from today, 13 August, this item will be offered up to the Grand Lake Trail coordinators, Sue and Abby, to supplement the docking facilities at one of the trail heads.

GL executive has been advised.

Update, 25 August:

Abby has agreed to take this dock to replace the Green one at one of the trailheads.

Update, 24 June, 2020

Abby has been given a better dock and ramp for the trailhead so will not require this one. If the owner or anyone else wishes to claim it please do so.  Since it is now anchored to someone’s property it will have to be moved. The GLA executive may have to get involved to determine it’s fate.

Update, 21 July

Dock has for the most part been repurposed. One part remains which may be used at the trailhead as a connector ramp. Many thanks to all who  have and continue to contribute to this effort.  For names and details please contact Nathan.




May 26, 2019


14′ Blue Princecraft Fisherman boat.  Can be picked up at Dave Helgason’s dock, 71 Portage.



May 11, 2019


Older wooden ladder, found floating near Paul Butler’s place. Can be picked up at Cooper dock, 42 Watt Rd. Contact Nathan, Nathanscoope@gmail.com; 819 671-7732; 613 601-7732

 May 7, 2019


   Older swim dock, being held at Cooper dock, 42 Watt Rd. Floats seem to be in good shape. Please contact Nathan , Nathanscoope@gmail.com; 819 671-7732; 613 601-7732

Note: Dismantled, 2 floats recovered.



 ITEMS 2018: (In order received)

September 24, 2018


A paddle board washed up in our bay. We’ve left it on the end of our dock at the Bogie cottage.


Contact : Alyson Bogie at cabogie@hotmail.com

August 10 , 2018


Kayak paddle in the lake between Cooper and Segal properties .

Contact Nathan  at 819-671-7732, 613-601-7732 or pick up at Cooper dock.




August 5, 2018


An old white windsurfing board from Croll’s dock.

Contact Ann at Ann Croll <crollann@gmail.com>

August 1, 2018


At Edelweiss Annual GL golf tournament, one bottle of Ménage à Trois wine. Please contact Tim Frank, at 819-671-2853

July 29, 2018


Blue Canvas pontoon boat seat slipcover.
Blown away during storm week of July 22nd.
Call Joe Houghton 819-671-6872

July 4, 2018


Yellow Pelican kayak near 285 Chemin du Barrage

I lost a yellow Kayak last fall at the end of November. It was stuck in the rocks on the shore but the weather was too harsh for me to get it out. The next weekend, when I came back, the Kayak had disappeared.

It is a single place, yellow Pelican Kayak.

Please call me at 613-222-4202 if found.



Comment: This item was resolved after 2 years so never give up on recovery!!

July 1, 2018


Small white dog. Please contact Alison at 613 686 7733 or ameloche@canadacaremedical.com



June 28, 2018


Base for a white windsurfer  located  opposite Zed Island, Chemin Portage.

Please contact Beth Armstrong at 514-972-2384.

May 25, 2018


Last fall,  blue and yellow floating swim pad.

Contact Alison at 613-868-7733 or at ameloche@canadacaremedical.com


May 23, 2018


Dock/gangway at Goldberg (old Reynolds property). Contact

Dan Goldberg at ” <dgoldberg@telesat.com>


May 20, 2018


Red Canoe found  floating on its side by our dock last weekend. It is
now turned over on the shore.

Contact Harry Loksts  at



ITEMS 2017: (Recent Items First)


4 September

Maelstrome Body Glove,  3 seat Towing Tube between Helgason and Methot property on  Portage. Has been there for approximately 2 weeks.

Contact Nathan Cooper, Paul Methot at pamethot@mermaidpools.com or Dave Helgason for recovery.


30 June

While kayaking in the bay next to Gary Beach last week I found a dock approximately 8*10 at the back of the bay. It is not visible from the entrance of the bay. One has to get behind the natural floating rafts to the left of the bay as you are facing the entrance to see it.

Whoever it belong to should try to get it soon as possible as the lowering water levels may trap it for another year with all the tree stumps laying at the bottom of the bay.

Should you require more info, please contact  Gaston.Launier@cegepoutaouais.qc.ca, Tel # 819 770-4012




24 June

Near 179 H Vipond property, two docks, one that is about 8×8, and the other which is about 4×4. Please contact  Robin at inventive.seven@gmail.com.


12 June

Swimming raft approximately 8×8 feet with white ladder. Seems to be permanently fixed near the entrance to the bay at the north end of the lake near the big rock off our property.  Call Sue Neill at 819 457 1289 or send an email to sue.neill@rogers.com.


6 June

In the last high wind my dock broke away. It is a fairly large dock with white barrels to keep it afloat–the ramp is on the end–it has one new board on jthe top. If anyone sees it. Please contact me or if possible tie it up and let me know.

 Thank you,

Diane Foubert



22 May


Black modular dock lost from the bay by the island with the cross, in the south end of the lake at 223 Powers. 



Blair Duffy 






22 May


I have lost one of the oars (with an oar lock) for my fishing boat.  It floated away during this years high water and I’ve searched the shore line without success.  The oars were a gift from a friend and would really like to get it back.

Note: Oar not found, removing as active item. If found please return to Don.


A square log about 30 feet long washed up on our beach about a month ago and we’d like to see it removed before getting too stuck in the sand.  If no one claims it soon I may be forced to cut it up with my chain saw.

Contact : donjanpoole@gmail.com















ITEMS 2016: (Recent Items First)

21 Sept


Orange floating buoy marking shoal off Maclaren Point. Contact 818 671 2347

14 July


Sadly a small white/grey dog with no obvious collar was found washed up near the Garrard cottage on July 14th. It was buried under a tree off the watt road.



Mike Garrard

Michael Garrard <garrardm@hotmail.com>

27 June


At the Poole beach:

  • This Spring – one upside down light blue paddle boat;
  • Last Fall – one 7′ boarding ladder for a pontoon boat.

Contact:  donjanpoole@gmail.com

30 April


From 255 H. Vipond , Floating swim platform/dock approx size 8×8. It has O rings drilled into the corners.

Please contact Allison at 613-868-7733 or email Ameloche@canadacaremedical.com



ITEMS 2015: (Recent items first)

17 Oct.

Lost: From dock at 15 Chemin Albert:

  1.   teal blue rubber floating deck mat (Brookstone made and printed on it) ,  approximately 6’ x 2 ½’ …valued at appox. $100.00+ to replace with anything similar…
  2. Lost in the spring  2 white heavy plastic lounge chairs.

Contact: Eva Kmiecic/Paul Migus, 819 671-7575, Eva Kmiecic <ekmiecic@xplornet.com>




21 August

Lost – Blue Laser sailboat. Contact Shawn Howard, 819 671-2979.


17 August

Found- Floating Seat. Contact Marie at  marie.lefebvre013@gmail.com

17 August

Found , soccer ball at Tim Frank’s island. Contact Nathan Cooper, nathanscoope@gmail.com.


11 August

LOST  in North Basin by Ian Maclaren:

  • 1. Black boat bumper with stainless attachment key attached to line (lost on or after July 26)

2. Telescopic paddle; short; with orange blade (lost on July 12th)

Please call: (819) 671-2347


10 August

Found: Bestway Towable Tube, Blue and White. Contact Allan Landsberg, 17 Grand Allee (819) 671-2641.

4  August

Found,in the Spring  at Wright’s shoreline, 207 Vipond Rd , large dock with sign attached. Contact Rob Wright at robwright9@gmail.com , 207 Vipond Rd.



3 August

Found in the South end of the lake, Salus Life Preserver, Small – Medium. Can be picked up at the Cooper dock, 42 Watt Rd.

July 30

Found, near the Howard/Foy cottages: White Pelican Rowboat, no motor, fibreglass, and a kayak paddle.

Contact Jason Foy, jayfoy@Hotmail.com, (819) 671-1178.


July 29

Lost, 2 navigational buoys – “No Wake”,  near Joe Houghton and Mike Avon cottages. Contact Joe Houghton at (819) 671-7832

July 27

Lost, black dock float. Please contact Alison Hall, 285 chemin du Barrage, home 613-525-2689, cell 514-619-8406



July 13

Lost, red Cricket kayak, 8-10 ft and paddle.  Please contact Tom Barber, tbarbar@burkerobertson.com, (819) 457-2871


July 2

Lost, 12 ft Yukon aluminum boat . Please contact Terry Guilbault at (819) 671-4837,  cell 613-797-2296 or Catherine Mullen at 613-863-5600.

June 24

Found near south end island, Princecraft , 14 ft tin boat, no motor. Can be picked up at Mike Avon’s dock. Submitted by Shawn Howard.

May 18

Lost, ramp, approx. 14′  X 4 ‘, cedar. Please contact Sue  or Abby at 613 730 7401 (home), 613 219 7401 (my cell), or 819 4571289 (cottage).



ITEMS 2014: (Recent Items first)

Nov. 22

Lost, 14ft x 14 ft dock from Foy property. Please contact Daphne at daphnegfoy@gmail.com.

July 6, 2014

Found Paddleboat, contact Lyse Marchand at lyse.marchand@gmail.compaddle boat



July 1, 2014 (CANADA DAY)

From Don/Jan Poole. Found 10’X 10’swim raft. Details below:

2-3 days ago a swim raft floated in towards our place. It is about 10×10 ft and is situated in front of our neighbours property – Marchand on the right of ours looking from the lake.

If there is a claimant they can call us as our neighbour is not there

(819-671-1034 or email donjan.poole@gmail.com.


June 27, 2014

Found: floating dock, 20 ft by 4 ft. Currently moored at 75 Portage at the very south end of Grand Lake. Call Louise or Paul at 819-671-7526.

June 11, 2014

Lost, large dock 20ft x 4 ft from the front  of Nicol’s cottage at 261 Chemin du Barage.  Contact Jim Nicol at (819) 671-2625 or (613) 255-3141.



June 8, 2014

Found, swimming platform, with green carpet. Contact Shawn Howard at  shawnhoward89@hotmail.com



May 8, 2014

  • Found at Methot cottage, 1 large dock. Contact pamethot@mermaidpools.com or 819-671-7526




ITEMS 2013: (Recent items first)

14 October

  • Found, older sailboat, yellow, presently tied to Newcombe’s dock. Will be kept there until claimed. Alex can be reached at eanewcombe@sympatico.ca



6 August

  • Lost at same time as green kayak (see 22 July entry) carbon fibre paddle. Contact Paul at paul_artech@yahoo.com

24 July

23 July

AMENDED, 24 July :

  • Kayak now at the Cooper-Jamieson dock, 294 Ch Lac-Grand.
  • spotted a green kayak overturned at the shore edge near Paul/Smith property. Supporting info follows from Jane Newcombe:      “””spotted a green kayak overturned at the shore edge.   I will describe where it is and hopefully from the lake association map you can get a name.    If one were to drive to the end of Perce Neige off Chemin du Lac Grand the cottage at the very far end on the right that owns that nice point with a little gazebo thing and  the big orange buoy marking the shoal.   The cottage faces more towards Jen’s bay but they own the point so there are a number of docks and decks some half submerged,  some perched on the rocks facing the main lake.   The Kayak is on that outside shore line towards main part of the lake overturned at the shore but in the water.   It is dark green all one shade.    It looks like it floated in there as opposed to rolling off the shore from that property.  So if you know of somebody missing a green kayak – there you go.    It is secure in its floating mooring maybe stuck on some branches”””

22 July

  • Found during the recent storm – a large mainly white windsurfer board.  It is standing up on the shore of the Langlois cottage  in the North end and can be seen from the lake.

21 July

  •  Friday’s  storm brought a  grey wooden Muskoka chair to the  Dubois/Méthot dock at the south end of Grand Lake (75 Portage Road).  Please call 819-671-7526 to reclaim it.

7 July

  • Floating Island, found at Wyn Dempsey’s dock. Contact Wyn at 671-2424
  • Dock found between Terry Guibault and Wyn Dempsey’s place. Contact Terry at819  671-4837 or Wyn at 819 671-2424

21 June

  • Dock, approximately 8X12 ‘, found at Brian Reynolds’ dock. Contact Brian at 819 671-3711.

2 June 2013

  • A “cartop” dingy (set up for fishing) with a 4hp motor was found in the south end of the lake, by Ken Monds.  It is
    currently tied up at their  dock.  Ken can be reached at   kmonds@sympatico.ca or 613 225-8862

May 5th, 2013:

  • Found drifting, North end, large Dolpin bumper. Presently at Coopers’ dock. Contact Nathan Cooper, 819-671-7732, nathanscoope@gmail.com
  • Found drifting in North end, ALTO, older white sail board. Presently at Coopers’ dock. Contact Nathan Cooper, 819 671 7732, nathanscoope@gmail.com


ITEMS 2012 and prior:

August 18, 2012; Found by Dave Helgason,  South end of the lake, 71 Portage, blue single seat kayak, presently tied to his dock. Paul can be reached at 818 671 1407

– April 2012 : lost by Jim Nicol -a dock 4 ft  x  10 ft.  If found please contact Jim Nicol at 819-671-2625 or Jim Nicol Jr. at 819-671-8116.

– August 2011:  lost by Judy Meloche: a large black plastic float (for under dock).  If found, please contact Judy at judymeloche@ymail.com .

– July 27, 2011 – lost by Don Costello: an O’Brien water ski in the area of the culbute.  If found, please call Don at 613-722-2075 or e-mail at corpgolf@sympatico.ca .

– July 7, 2011 – found at Elizabeth Vipond’s (819-671-1091), a small silver fibreglass boat

– July 5, 2011 – found at Judy Meloche’s, a large wharf  12 ft.  x  12 ft.

–  found weekend of July 1st, 2011: a small wharf on the small island with the cross.

– found weekend of July 1st, 2011: a white paddle board on shore in the Narrows.

– May 2011 – found at the end of the island across from Wyn Dempsey’s cottage, southwest end of Grand Lake – one yellow paddle boat.  Call Wyn Dempsey.

-May 2011 – found at south end of Grand Lake – one grey fibreglass fishing-type boat; looks new; in the marsh near Gary Beach’s cottage. Call Wyn Dempsey.