Race Results


Race: 16th July 2017

Course: South basin, Ford dock

Weather: Cloudy. Wind W, 0-10 knots, with gusts

Boats: 4 Lasers, 1 Albacore

The winds were very light today, but five boats nevertheless came out to race. First to arrive at the marker by the Pothecary dock was Olivia Frith, followed by Duncan Vipond and Julia Avon. Going around Robinson’s Island, Olivia Frith and Julie Avon were neck and neck, while Duncan Vipond took the lead, closely followed by Terry Ford/Ann Croll. There were twice as many women out today as men, perhaps a first for Grand Lake sailing.

Thanks to Karen Crowder Ford and Donna Dempsey for timing. Thanks also (on behalf of the loon community of Grand Lake) to all sailors who altered course to accommodate the wishes of two loons who were out on the lake with their new-born chick.

1. Duncan Vipond

2. Terry Ford/Ann Croll

3. Olivia Frith

4. Julia Avon

5. Sarah Pothecary


         Race: 9th July 2017

         Course: North Basin, Maclaren dock

Weather: Sunny with clouds. Wind NW, 10-20 knots, but with gusts of 25 knots.

Boats: 4 Lasers, 1 Albacore, 1 Sunfish

Very strong gusting winds were the challenge today. Sarah Pothecary got hit by the boom before the race started, which meant that she had to withdraw. Everyone else got a strong start, with Ian Maclaren in the lead followed by Duncan Vipond, Gary Seymour, Terry Ford & Janice Dempsey, Sam Butler and Olivia Frith. The race lasted around 40 minutes, with all racers very close to each other, but Ian Maclaren taking the lead. Arriving at the last stretch, Duncan’s attempt to challenge Ian was thwarted when his boat’s mast was ripped out by an extra strong gust of wind, preventing him from finishing.

Following the race, the Maclarens hosted the annual Mug Up, which was an opportunity to socialise, relax and recover. Many thanks to Ian and Shelley Maclaren.

Thanks to Kaleigh Maclaren and Doug Watt for timing, and to Mana Herel for assisting, especially when just before the end of the race Doug went to help a sailor in distress, aka Duncan, who was trying valiantly to control his mastless boat. Thanks also to Guy Cogan/Anne Witt for helping in the rescue mission.

1. Ian Maclaren

2. Gary Seymour

3. Terry Ford, Janice Dempsey

4. Sam Butler

5. Olivia Frith
DNS Sarah Pothecary
DNF Duncan Vipond

Race: 25th June 2017

Course: South basin, Ford dock

Weather: A clear break in otherwise rainy conditions. Wind NW 5 knots.

Boats: 3 Lasers, 1 Albacore

A lull in the thunderstorms meant that the race went ahead as scheduled. It was not officially timed. However, Karen Ford blew the start whistle; Terry Ford and Sarah Pothecary put out the markers; and the boats had a ‘dry run’ so to speak. It was nice to get out on the water for the first time this year.

Race: 3rd July 2017

Course: South basin, Pothecary dock

Weather: Sunny with cloudy patches. Wind NW, 5 knots but with gusts of 15 knots.

Boats: 4 Lasers, 1 Albacore, 1 Sunfish

Strong and frequent gusts were the challenge this week. They overturned Duncan Vipond, Gary Seymour, and Olivia Frith before the race had started, but all three recovered to take part in the race. The race was quick — very quick for Ian Maclaren, who came in first, way ahead of the rest of the pack. Gary Seymour did very well in his first race of the season, and after some duelling back and forth for most of the race managed to beat Duncan (by seconds) into second place. John Maclaren, sailing the Sunfish, kept pace on the upwind leg of the race but couldn’t match the Lasers’ downwind speed. Terry sailed with Janice in his Albacore; Olivia, who gave her Laser at least one more batch during the race, marched on to finish closely behind the others.  

Thanks to Elizabeth Vipond for timing, with the help of Anne Witt and guest Martha. Thanks to Terry Ford/Sarah Pothecary, for putting out markers.

1. Ian Maclaren 

2. Gary Seymour

3. Duncan Vipond 

4. John Maclaren 

5. Terry Ford and Janice Dempsey

6. Olivia Frith.