Race Results

Race data: 26 August
Race Course: Maclaren Point, north end
Weather: Wind south, ~5 knts
Boats: 1 Laser,1 Albacore

With rain overnight and a cloudy start to the day it was a good morning to relax and read a book, however by the scheduled noon start there was sufficient wind and hints of sunshine to have race. Other schedule commitments, injury and weather affected attendance for the race, but undeterred our co-commodores; Duncan Vipond in his Laser and Ian Maclaren in his Albacore with ringer crew Doug Watt made their way to the start line. It was a close beginning to the race with Ian and Doug crossing the line at the more favoured end and Duncan starting with speed at the other end. By the weather mark Ian and Doug were ahead. The boats turned to head up the lake on a run while the wind strength and direction bounced around enough to keep the positions tight. The mark at the north end had drifted and was initially difficult to find; adding to the competitive positioning of the boats. It was eventually spotted and the boats jibed to get around it. A little added excitement on the Laser had Duncan scrambling to re-thread his mainsheet through the blocks on the boom after having it pull through (as the story was later told, Elizabeth neglected to remind Duncan to tie a ‘figure-eight’ stopper knot on the end of the mainsheet as he left the dock for the race!). By the third mark Ian and Doug were in strong position. Knowing anything can happen however Duncan fought on. In the end the Albacore crossed the finish line first and the Laser second in what was likely one of the best two-boat races in Grand Lake’s history. To mark this occasion, it has been proposed to have this race, the second last of the season, henceforth be known as the ‘Commodores’ Race’.

Thank-you to Don Poole and Ian for setting out and collecting the marks and to our timers Jan Poole and Kaleigh Maclaren.
There is one more race this season; starting from the Ford dock next Sunday at noon, September 2. This will be followed by the annual end-of-season pot luck and awards later in the day – sailors, watch your email for details.

1. Ian Maclaren and Doug Watt

2. Duncan Vipond

Race date: 19 August
Race Course: Ford dock, south end
Weather: Wind east/north east, < 5 knts
Boats: 5 Lasers, 2 Sunfish, 1 Albacore and 1 Y-FlyerSailing history was made today with the relaunch of the Steacie Y-Flyer, after over 30 years in dry dock. Mike Avon (with bailing bucket and vice grips in hand) and Kelly Lee launched the boat just-in-time to make the noon race. Mike has been refitting the boat since acquiring it about a year ago. Despite their efforts it wasn’t meant to be a winning christening, however they made it around the course and no doubt became aware of a few things needing re-tuning. Mike suggested sabotage was also involved in their challenges as the two self-bailers were mysteriously opened sometime prior to the relaunch allowing water to seep into the cockpit. Congratulations on getting the boat back in action! Any other of the Y-Flyers hidden away somewhere?

The wind was a bit of a mixed bag of strength and changing direction for the race. This helped or hindered progress of the sailors depending on their location. Duncan Vipond came out on top after mixing it up through the race with Ian Maclaren, Sally Roberts and Sarah Pothecary. Terry Ford and Ann Croll started strong and rebounded after being slowed by weak winds near the narrows. Olivia was seen standing in her Laser like it was a SUP at one point – presumably sighting where the wind was/wasn’t; and the SunFish fleet of Warren Stroud and Chris Wanczycki hinted they deserved a head start over the others -maybe next time.


1. Duncan Vipond
2. Ian Maclaren
3. Sally Lee
4. Terry Ford and Ann Croll
5. Sarah Pothecary
6. Olivia Frith
Chris Wanczycki
Warren Stroud
Mike Avon and Kelly Lee

Race date: 12 August
Race course: South basin, Pothecary dock
Weather: Wind W, 0-5 knots with occasional gusts
Boats: 2 Albacores, 3 Lasers, 2 Sunfish
This race exemplified this year’s races, with a great deal of shuttling back and forth between the front and the back of the fleet. Ian Maclaren was first across the start line and the finish line, but fell back in the interim. Sarah Pothecary rounded the first marker ahead of the fleet but then fell back. Sue Featherstone and Terry Ford were in second and third place at one point but did not hold their position.
Guest sailor Brady Johnson, aged 13, in his new Laser Radial, was practising ahead of a regatta next weekend. He overtook everyone except Ian Maclaren, but taking into account the Radial handicap, his time won him first place. Congratulations to Brady.
Thanks to Phil Rodrigue and Guy Cogan for timing; and to Gary Seymour, Guy Cogan, and Terry Ford for putting out the markers.
1. Brady Johnson
2. Ian Maclaren
3. Sarah Pothecary
4. Terry Ford
5. Sue Featherstone
6. Chris Wanczycki
7. Warren Stroud.
GLSA Founders Regatta – August 5, 2018
The weather for the fourth annual Founders regatta did not disappoint. Sailors and spectators were treated to an entertaining afternoon with high temperature and humidity, plus a near perfect wind of about 8-12 knots. A BBQ and awards presentation followed the sailing. The overall regatta results (based on first and third races) were: first, Duncan with Grace Avon; second, Julia and Gabrielle/Sam Bourdon; and third, Terry and Elyse Ford.
A total of three races were sailed on a short triangular course taking most sailors approximately 30 minutes to complete. With the modest winds mistakes were often punished with a swim in the water – as three or four of the boats found out! The second race in the series, known as the Novice Race, is aimed at promoting the participation of non-sailor/racers as crew or helm; with a special award going to the first placed novice helm. This year’s Novice Cup was won by Chris Wanczycki, a friend of Warren (‘the Sunfish keener’) Stroud.
20 sailors participated, with approximately half of them ranked as novices, in 11 boats (2 Albacores, 4 Sunfish and 5 Lasers). The diverse group ranged in age from 7 to 70 and came from as far afield as Austin TX. Thanks to all the volunteers both on and off the water who helped with timing/scoring, BBQing, marks, safety, set up and tear down, awards etc. etc. These included Sally Roberts, Maclaren family, Duncan and Elizabeth Vipond, Mike Avon, Terry Ford, Sarah Pothecary, Phil Rodrigue and Sue Featherstone, Don and Janice Poole, Guy Cogan, and Kelly Lee.
Individual Race Results:
Race 1.
1: Duncan Vipond and Grace Avon
2: Terry and Elyse Ford
3: Julia Avon and Gabrielle Bourdon

Race 2 (Novice Race).

1: Jenna and Kaleigh, Ian Maclaren
2: Duncan Vipond and Grace Avon
3: Terry and Elyse Ford.
Race 3.
1: Ian and Kaleigh Maclaren
2: Julia Avon with Sam Bourdon
3: Sarah Pothecary.
Race date: 29 July
Race course: South basin, Pothecary dock
Weather: Wind W, 0-10 knots
Boats: 1 Albacore, 3 Lasers, 2 Sunfish
This was one of the more bizarre races. 4 boats started on time. Anne Witt in her Laser had rigging and falling-in-the-lake issues which meant that she was 20 minutes late for the start. She nevertheless sailed the race, albeit crossing the finishing line in the wrong direction. The two Sunfish did not want officially to be in the race: these sailors are honing their skills so that when they decide to formally take part in the race, they will be devastating forces. They sailed the course correctly (despite being given some misinformation by someone on shore!) but half an hour behind everyone else.
Thanks to Guy Cogan, Terry Ford, and Gary Seymour for putting out the markers. Thanks to Elizabeth Vipond and Phil Rodrigue for timing, with some help from John Langlois, Elizabeth, and Sophie, who happened to be passing.
1. Duncan Vipond
2. Sarah Pothecary
3. Sue Featherstone
4. Terry Ford and Ann Croll
Anne Witt — random course
Warren Stroud and brother-in-law Chris — still learning
Race date: 22 July. Cancelled due to rain.
Race date: 15 July
Race course: South basin, Pothecary dock
Weather: Winds changeable, primarily N, 0-10 knots, occasional gusts

Boats: 2 Albacores, 5 Lasers

Ian Maclaren had the easiest time of it this week, since he was sailing solo in an Albacore, with lots of sail and little weight. He reached the finish line so far in advance of the others that he decided his advantage was unfair, and refrained from actually crossing the line, thus disqualifying himself from the race.

The rest of the fleet jostled for position at the start, and continued to jostle, albeit in increasingly lighter winds, for the rest of the race. The final results were:
1. Duncan Vipond
2. Olivia Frith
3. Anne Witt
4. Terry Ford/Ann Croll
5. Gary Seymour
6. Sarah Pothecary
DNF Ian Maclaren
Thanks to Terry, Gary, and Sarah for putting out the markers. Thanks to Elizabeth Vipond and Guy Cogan for timing.
 Race date: 8 July

Race course: South basin, Ford dock

Weather: Sunny and hot, wind W, 10 knots, gusting to 15 knots
Boats: 7 Lasers, 1 Albacore, 1 Sunfish
This was an exciting race. While Ian Maclaren and Duncan Vipond established and maintained an early lead, there was much jostling for position among the remaining seven boats. Boats that were in the back of the fleet rounding the first turning marker then made great progress and were at the front of the fleet going around the second marker in the bay and the third marker in the narrows. Then the positions changed again on the last leg, as boats that had been at the front fell back again.Conditions were very gusty. Olivia Frith capsized at the start but seemed unfazed, and went on to sail a great race. Anne Witt, out in her first race with the GLSA, alternated between forging ahead to challenge the leaders and dropping to the back of the fleet. Sue Featherstone missed the first turning marker so was disqualified. Austin Stroud in his Sunfish was enjoying a trial run, and joined the fleet for much of the race but did not attempt the whole course.
 There were many spectators out today on their docks, enjoying the race as much as the participants.

Thanks to Terry Ford, Gary Seymour, and Sarah Pothecary for putting out the buoys. Thanks to Elizabeth Vipond and the extended Ford family for timing.

The results:
1. Ian Maclaren
2. Duncan Vipond
3. Sarah Pothecary
4. Sally Roberts
5. Terry Ford, Janice Dempsey
6. Olivia Frith
7.  Anne WittSue Featherstone DQ
Warren Stroud DNS

 Race date: 30 June. Cancelled owing to excessively high temperatures and thunderstorm warnings.

Race date: 24 June
Race course: South basin, Pothecary dock
Weather: Winds 5-10 knots
Boats: 3 Lasers, 1 Albacore, I Sunfish

The first race was held in unusually steady conditions for Grand Lake. We were 5 boats in all, including a Grand Lake guest who happened to be out in his Sunfish and decided to join in the fun.